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Princess Kate’s favorite baby brand now in Abu Dhabi


Princess Diana, Princess Fergie, Victoria Beckham, Madonna, and now the Duchess of Cambridge, better known as Kate Middleton all have one thing in common:

Dragons of Walton Street.

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Baby Shower Ideas from Nest for Kids


It feels just like yesterday when you were planning your best friend’s bachelorette party (that was so easy to plan), and now you’re responsible for planning her baby shower? Don’t freak out! You can find common ground between mommy friends and single friends; all you need to do is make everyone have a good time!

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Perfect present for the little one? Buy gifts outside the box


Are you about to become a new auntie or a new uncle?
Wait, what? You’ve just become a new auntie or uncle?
Don’t panic! Even though you’ve technically had 9 months to think about what gifts to get this little human, you still have time.

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Store for Kids Clothes, Furniture & Toys in Abu Dhabi – Nest for Kids


“Why Abu Dhabi?”

We get asked this quite a bit, and we say, “Why not Abu Dhabi?”

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the prosperous United Arab Emirates, has grown steadily over the past few years and is committed to maintaining that trend.

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