Baby Shower Ideas from Nest for Kids

It feels just like yesterday when you were planning your best friend’s bachelorette party (that was so easy to plan), and now you’re responsible for planning her baby shower? Don’t freak out! You can find common ground between mommy friends and single friends; all you need to do is make everyone have a good time! We’ve happily compiled a list of things you need to do to prepare for Pre Baby-Day!

1. Decide a budget and stick to it!

Whether the mommy is paying for it, you’re paying for it, or everyone is chipping in something, decide the final number and do everything you can to stick to the budget.


2. Set up a registry!

Rewind to when the bride was getting married, and she set up a registry at her favourite store for her household things. The registry works well, so why reinvent the wheel? Either formally set up a registry with the mother-to-be at a store, or informally create a list of all the things your best friend wants and needs and distribute it to your friends. This is to make sure you all don’t get the same teddy bear – mix it up a little! Some tips to remember if you’re creating a registry.


    • Create categories in the registry: Gift sets are nice and all but make sure to include important and useful items from the feeding accessories, clothing, bedding, and toys sections in the registry. All these items are helpful to a new mother, so help her out!


    • Everyone doesn’t have to get one small present. A group of guests can also split the cost of one major item such as large décor for the baby’s room, a stroller, or a crib. Be sure the mother is aware of the crib gift though to make sure she’s okay with it!


    • Communicate to the guests: Communication is key if you’re going to be doing this manually! Make sure a name is marked next to at least 1 item in the list, and they don’t go out and get something else that another guest is already going to buy!



3. Games. Embarrassment. Laughter!

The best and funniest stories are always the ones that involve some embarrassment. Schedule to play some ridiculous games along with some relaxed games. Remember, your best friend is creating life inside her, so she needs to stay relaxed too!

Relaxed Games

  • Guess the baby: You probably have some old photos around of some of your friends, but if not ask all the guests to bring in baby photos or videos of themselves. Then ask everybody to take turns guessing who it is!
  • Bib Decorating Contest: Let’s face it, the mother-to-be will need loads of these, so why not have your friends decorate some for her to use and keep as keep-sakes? It’ll be great to see what some of your friends come up with!
  • Wishes for the baby: This activity is great especially if the baby shower guests include only close friends and family who will be there constantly as the little one grows older. You need to ask all your guests to fill out cards that start with “Dear Baby, I hope…” and put them in a jar for your child when they’re old enough to understand what they mean. You can also do a time capsule that is opened on their 16th or 21st birthday!

Ridiculous Games

  • The diaper race: Buy some dolls (or find some old ones tucked away in your family home) and diapers. Line them up and make every guest race to successfully put on a diaper on the baby. The mommy-to-be needs to know who she can trust with her baby when she just needs a day off.
  • Guess the chocolate: Everyone loves chocolate, so why not do another guessing game? Buy different types of chocolates, and melt them on to a plate (or a clean diaper, if you’re all up for that!). Have all your guests smell and taste the chocolate then make a guess! The person who wins, gets a prize!
  • Crazy cravings: We all hear about the weirdest cravings pregnant women get. Tacos with ice cream in the middle of the night, or shawarma with extra garlic for breakfast. Ask your best friend to write out all the cravings she’s been having while pregnant (the crazier the better), and then ask your guests to eat the crazy mixes she’s craved! You could even make mom’s cravings as part of the catering!

There are plenty of things you can do for your best friend’s baby shower, and it can be just as fun as the bachelorette party – just a different kind of fun. Just know who to invite and everything else can be taken care of!