Nest for Kids opened its doors with a new exquisite way to shop for your little ones.

Face painting, sand bottle-making, cookie and balloon origami workshops are the stuff that dreams are made of. But guess what, they were everything that the kids experienced over a span of three days when Nest for Kids opened its doors in its first concept store located on Level 1 of the Abu Dhabi Mall last 26th of September 2014.

Throngs of kids with beaming smiles and joyous laughter accompanied by their equally happy parents and some with their aunts and doting grandparents enjoyed the activities prepared by the Nest for Kids team. It was a 3-day activation that saw hundreds of people come in and out of the pop-up venue and the shop. The team was proud to hear about the way the visitors and customers gushed about the display of all imaginable toys, clothing, furniture, decor and delightful educational items that simply scream “novelty!”

Exclusive brands found only at Nest for Kids

Dragons of Walton Street started in 1979 by Rosie Fisher who was responsible for creating the nurseries of Princes William and Harry as well as Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie. Lucinda Croft current figurehead for the brand is responsible for the much-loved nursery for the royal couple’s little darling, Prince George.

After 30 years of creating masterpieces for international clients, Dragons of Walton Street exclusive product collection will make it’s first home in the Middle East, and proudly displayed in the Nest For Kids store.

Dragons of Walton Street prides itself in being a family-run business and ensures all its products are expertly created with the same love and care within a family.

A totally different concept store for the discerning consumers like you

It’s a nest that holds you in the minute you walk into the store. The impressive display of products, from Creme Anglaise’s handmade cushions to colorful innovative solutions provided by Sebtra storage boxes to the exquisite Googy colorful and elegant rockers are just a delight to the eyes. Moms and Dads, current or expecting, aunts and uncles and doting grandparents all have something to choose–and based on the success of Nest for Kids’ opening, it’s clear that all of them come out beaming and with an armful of boxes and bags for the little ones they love.

Visit us now at Nest for Kids in Abu Dhabi Mall. For inquiries, please drop us a line through or Contact Us form found on our website or call +971 2 6449191.