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“Why Abu Dhabi?”

We get asked this quite a bit, and we say, “Why not Abu Dhabi?”

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the prosperous United Arab Emirates, has grown steadily over the past few years and is committed to maintaining that trend. Not only has the government of Abu Dhabi taken steps to become the home of countless multi-national businesses, it has proactively taken steps to become the cultural hub of the world by bringing together diverse populations to indulge in art, business, and entertainment. In a region determined to be modern, Abu Dhabi stands out by incorporating history and culture of the world with a modern twist. The Saadiyat Cultural District, for example, is being created purely for this reason, and will house the Louvre, the Guggenheim, and the Zayed National Museum. That’s France, New York, and the UAE all within walking distance of one another! What other city has that?

Walking down the streets of London and Paris, you feel the history under your feet, you see exactly where old meets new, and Abu Dhabi is no different. The streets of Abu Dhabi are transforming into a modern take on urbanism that are filled with stories to share and things to see. It’s truly a melting pot of the world in one city.

On the education front, Abu Dhabi has significantly invested in bringing in world-renowned universities to the capital to further encourage learning and converging of world cultures. And if that wasn’t enough, Abu Dhabi is leading the future with green energy! It’s already created Masdar City, an entirely green and sustainable community that operates with the lowest carbon footprint possible. This ideal community that embraces culture, education, open business, and protects the planet are just things we read about, but Abu Dhabi is making it a reality.

Abu Dhabi is taking the world by storm through innovation and creativity, and marking it’s place on the map for all to see. It’s remarkable to watch the city grow and take on new challenges, so it makes it the perfect home for an organic brand like Nest for Kids to grow as well – much like how our little sprouts will be nurtured till they bloom.