Perfect present for the little one? Buy gifts outside the box

Are you about to become a new auntie or a new uncle?

Wait, what? You’ve just become a new auntie or uncle?


Don’t panic! Even though you’ve technically had 9 months to think about what gifts to get this little human, you still have time. By that, we mean you have up to 5 years to shower this little guy or girl with presents! Splurging on presents in the little one’s formative years is absolutely critical to achieving the coveted status of “The Cool Aunt/Uncle.” It’s all about getting the right present, at the right time. And we’re here to help!


Perfectly Soft – Newborns

Clothes, toys, décor, the list is endless! There are so many things you can get for when the little one is just born, and you should because the parents need all the help they can get. However, there are a couple of tips you should know:

  • Follow the theme: Parents usually decide a theme for their baby’s room, and it’s best to follow that theme when it comes to presents – whether it’s toys or linen.
  • Ask the parents: If you’re planning on buying larger items such as a crib or a stroller, be sure to ask the parents first! Most parents prefer to shop for these items themselves because they’ll be using it everyday and they need to feel comfortable with them. Plus, what are they going to do with two cribs? However, if they do give you the green light, go for something that stands out. Micuna Bassinets and Ovo by Micuna are beautiful pieces of furniture that are perfect newborns and look exquisite in any home.

Now that that’s clear, time to decide what you’re going to buy! Since newborns either eat or sleep for most of the day, buy presents that can be used in these activities. Soft swaddle blankets, soft pillows, soft toys, and soft onesies are the way to go for newborns. You can find handmade Crème Anglaise products, such as soft cushions to complement the bassinets or other gifts you will buy, at Nest for Kids too. Parents will love you for buying these essential items, and the little one will grow attached to the soft little toys and soft blankie you bought for them till they’re much older.

Now you’re a few steps closer to becoming “The Cool Aunt/Uncle” with amazing taste, but remember: it’s all about timing! You can’t stop now!

Perfectly Educational – Toddlers

Did you ever like receiving clothes from your relatives on your birthday as a child? No. No child did. We wanted toys! So don’t become that aunt or uncle. Instead find a compromise between clothes and super toys, by buying educational toys. The little ones are happy they didn’t get clothes, and the parents won’t sigh at the sight of a toy that will create a mess.

You can get little instruments for the little Beethovens, soft number blocks for the little Einsteins, and painting easels for the little Fridas. There are so many toys you can choose from, and a quick visit to our store will help you figure out what’s best to nurture the young sprout.


To make the blow easier on the parents for buying more toys for them to store away later, also look into buying storage compartments – no not the plastic boxes that can break easily. Go for useful beautiful decor, that again matches the theme of the little one’s room, and can be used to put away the toys in an organized manner.

Sebra storage boxes and wall shelves can be used to store secret treasures and display artwork of your precious one.

Time your perfect presents perfectly, and you’re on your way to becoming the go-to person for when this little guy or girl isn’t so little anymore! Stop by the Nest for Kids store now and get started! You should also look into buying furniture sets to bring the little guy or girl’s room all together.